FREE Classes Every Saturday - 9:30 am



push harder - reach higher - play stronger - live longer


We are not a gym.   We are an experience.

No treadmills. No weight machines.  Just great fitness training in a fun, supportive, community based, body strengthening environment.  What are we training for?  LIFE.


Become what you might have been.

It's never too late to become what you might have been.  It's your body, your choice.  Put yourself on the path to a healthy, strong body.  Learn how a hard work out is fun.


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What is MultiFit?



    • We jump.  We run.  We push.  We pull.  We throw.  We climb.  We crawl.  
    • We practice a combination of cardio movements, power lifting, gymnastics,  and obstacles.  
    • Workouts change daily. 
    • We do it all at heavier loads and faster rates.    Work done faster brings more power.  A powerful body is lean and healthy. 
    • We build a community based workout - group supported - tasks accomplished together.
    • You may compete for time, but your toughest opponent is yourself.